A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★½

Scavenger Hunt 37/Film 17/A film that you think will produce a sense of awe, for any reason

Dear John Krasinski, can you please write and direct all mainstream horrors going forwards. A QUIET PLACE is the most atmospheric, tense and eerie film I have seen at the cinema in years. An absolutely essential bit of cinema for anyone with even a passing interest in horror.

A QUIET PLACE is the sort of film that was built for the cinema, it's quietness needs to be observed under a big screen with everyone on tenterhooks waiting for something to go wrong. This is the sort of film you must see at your local indie cinema and not your big mainstream one. I made a vow to myself to never watch horror in a mainstream cinema again after constant frustrations of people on their phone or people acting stupid and talking really loud so when I found out this was at the local indie cinema, I instantly purchased tickets.

The film has some of the best use of subtitles I have seen, while normally we rely on subtitles for films we can't understand without, the subtitles used here are essential for the characters to live and to demonstrate how important silence is.

Krasinski has created a perfect modern day horror film that feels original, bold and masterful, it's a film that will command many a rewatch and a film that doesn't need tons of backstory to be effective. Watch it somewhere quiet, lose yourself in it and feel your heart beat a little bit faster just as you start to worry if it is beating a little too loud.

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