A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★½

Have been looking forward to this rewatch. It’s safe to say this film blew me away at the cinema earlier in the year and felt one of the freshest mainstream horrors for a long time. 

Watching on Blu Ray on a nice cold autumn afternoon in total silence was bliss. A good quality Blu helped too. 

It’s evident on the second time how perfect the chemistry in the family is. Real life husband and wife combination is a sure fire winner, sure they are both fine actors in their own field but together on screen with the heartbreak and togetherness in the film makes it a match made in movie heaven. The children growing into their own people while going through their own natural growing up is both scary and warming. The climate is horrific and realism for what they will face in their lives is terrifying. 

The house they call home is also touching. It combines both a homely loving environment to something vast and empty like the world that awaits them outside. The score brings similar thoughts as while it sounds soothing on the ear, it is full of warning. 

I love how the storyline is always the main focus and does not become a CGI fest purely to look as advanced as possible. I would like to think this is a ‘family friendly’ horror that will stand the test of time and be one we all fondly remember and go back and watch again and again.

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