Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★★★

The opening film of Frightfest 2019 shows in minutes that it’s written by one half of the brains behind THE GREASY STRANGLER with its absurd yet hilarious humour and quirkyness so if you are a fan of that film then you are hopefully in for a treat here. If you are not a fan...then consider yourself warned! 

A very dark comedy based on the horrible reality of Director Ant Timpson seeing his dad drop dead in front of him and having to confront his dead body and the time spent with him after life. Writer Toby Harvard takes the idea on an adventure and sets out a plan for murder, mayhem and lots of gross out moments. Luckily they have a fine leading man to help deliver the goods in Elijah Wood. Wood playing thirty something Norval who is on a mission to reconnect with his father he has not seen since he was extremely young. The story is often ludicrous but it made for fun viewing. 
COME TO DADDY was the perfect slow burn to start Frightfest. It lit its fire gently but by the end was burning the place down with its hilarious script, clever turns and fantastic performances.

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