Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami

Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami ★★½

Grace Jones is a star, a true star, one that has no scripting behind her but a personality that could blow up a whole room. Stars like Grace are few and far between these days but Grace comes from a period where the world was graced with many a personality and unpredictable moments. 

The documentary was not on my watchlist and probably would not have entered my film diary had it not been for this task and who was involved. I am not a fan of Grace’s music but I am a fan of the movie star, I knew this documentary was focusing on the music element of her career so it was never an essential watch for me. 

I am certainly glad to have seen it though, watching Grace is unpredictable and interesting. There is perhaps too much concert footage here and too many teases of behind the scenes, as what we do see is very well put together in that it appears unedited and real. 

Not an essential watch by any means (at least if you are not a fan of her music) but one that will likely absorb you for spells if you happen to stumble across it. 

Scavenger hunt 51/Film 21/Watch a movie that you would honestly have little interest in watching except for the fact that it starts an actor/actress who you find attractive