Inferno ★★★★½

Scavenger Hunt 38/Film 7/ A film you expect a film student to study for their course

I am not a film student and I am not a film teacher. As much as I love the sound of both those roles, I can't imagine it will ever happen. If I was putting together a film course there would be two films I would make everyone study, those two films would be SUSPIRIA and INFERNO. If you can make something that is potentially complex for the average viewer just wanting a quick bit of escapism be so engaging yet look so beautiful and absorbing you must be doing something right.

INFERNO preys on your mind. It's mix of multiple protagonists, prog rock soundtrack and confusing story is all perfectly planned to disorientate each of your senses. It wants to give you warning that it is not an easy ride but puts you under it's dark spell to fully invest your time.

The most striking aspect of the film is how beautiful it looks. It is actual medicine for the eyes. The use of colour is some of the finest aesthetic pleasure. The Keith Emerson soundtrack will ring loud in your ears and I can only compare it to running down a maze not knowing where you will come out, it's exciting, a little bit frustrating but ultimately rewarding. I just want to play the soundtrack until my ears bleed. The mix of the protagonists is utterly wonderful. Who is safe? Who can I get behind? You don't know, this is a brutal world full of delicious plot devices that will obscure each view you thought you had.

From the Rome interior studio sets to New York, everywhere looks great. The effects are put together both masterfully and convincingly. The deaths are some of the best seen in an Argento movie and having Mario Bava involved is evident throughout.

SUSPIRIA will always be the master in my eyes, but INFERNO is a near perfect ‘sequel’ and a worthy acquisition for any horror fan. It’s the sort of film that deserves to be watched on a fantastic screen with the sound loud and the extra’s on the film’s disc absorbed.

I am going to a horror convention at the end of the month and the main reason I am going is due to Dario Argento being in attendance. To be in the same room let alone potentially meeting a master is truly awe inspiring.

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