Seoul Station

Seoul Station ★★★★

Scavenger Hunt 34/Film 19/A film by a director in my Letterboxd top 4 films 

TRAIN TO BUSAN blew me away. It was one of the greatest cinematic adventures of my 33 years and absorbed me start to finish sending my emotions in to overdrive and leaving me totally breathless. It eased its way in to my all time favourite films and I imagine it will stay there for most of my life. 

To find out the director had an expanded vision in to the universe I fell head over heels in love with made this an exciting watch from the first seconds of pressing play. Sure this could have been a major disappointment but with Sang-ho Yeon involved I felt safe and knew I was going to find some magic in the film.

It’s obviously vastly different visually as we are now in animation but the animation is beautiful and every effort has been put in place to make everything look crisp and tidy but most importantly it feels like I am looking at an animated real world, all the people have personality be it good or bad and the emotional punch from the first film is served here too. 

I can’t rate it as high as the masterpiece TRAIN TO BUSAN but I can confirm I loved each minute and felt an emotional grip and tension throughout. 

If you want to explore this world further then step right in but remember to come prepared for a rollercoaster ride that will tug on your heart.

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