Slugs ★★★★½

I can’t believe this is only the third year I have been using Letterboxd and now I actually can’t imagine life without it. A mountain of stats and fascinating facts, lists that produce endless new films to discover and a community to talk all things film with. So SLUGS was the first ever film I reviewed, a film that had stayed with me from a child and getting hold of the Arrow Blu Ray just made me feel the need to write about it somewhere and Letterboxd was the perfect place! 

Today I watched the commentary track by Chris Alexander, a very interesting dude who has worked for Fangoria and set up Delirium with Charles Band on top of being a film maker himself. You can tell this guy loves his horror and his passion does not go unnoticed throughout. Alexander often apologises for riffing on the film but he does it with love like how most of us probably would too. I know this film petrified me as a child, the falling off the bed scene literally manifested my nightmares for a couple of years, but watching it now I still love it but I too laugh and have a new sense of enjoyment. 

Certainly worth a listen to accompany your next watch of this movie. We get continuity errors, talk of JAWS 2 homage/rip offs, facts including that anyone who drinks in this film dies and points out the slugs are pretty perverted at times and enjoy the voyerusitic approach on sex. 

Can you imagine if they ever did a film like slugs but with spiders? I am thinking more of an R rated ARACHNOPHOBIA. That has actually made me shudder. 

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