Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★

Scavenger Hunt 38/Film 30/A film featuring an actor from the Star Wars universe

I went to see this with my brother in law.

Me – Generally ‘Meh’ about Sci-Fi.

My brother in law – Obsessed with STAR WARS even has a whole room dedicated to merchandise from the movies.

This was always going to be an interesting one with two different and often conflicting views on film so I was looking forward to the conversations that would ensue afterward as much as the movie itself.

It’s safe to say we both loved the film. I found the diversity of characters and settings to be exciting. I thought it flew by and didn’t get boring despite its hefty run time. My brother in law gave his seal of approval by immediately looking for all the movies action figures right after.

The film seemed to play for the nods and respect from its universe of fans by bringing in subtle references even I (certainly not someone you would call a ‘Star Wars’ fan) could understand. It provided action in a variety of different landscapes surrounded by threat and it maxed the sound and scale up to 11 wherever possible. The cast list is as impressive as it looks. Donald Glover showcasing to any unfortunate person that in not currently aware of him how charismatic and natural he is and made for the perfect Lando. Woody Harrelson must have had the part written for him as his character was the most comfortable fit. Alden Ehrenreich impressed me on my first ever viewing of one of his films, he came across as a young Harrison Ford-Han Solo wonderfully. The aliens looked good, the stormtroopers were not CGI and the villain of the piece, Paul Bettany was a great throwback to James Bond esque villains albeit with a kick-ass lightsabre.

I had a big bucket of popcorn and ate every mouthful, to say this is a fun popcorn flick is underselling it but proving its point. It is a film to lose yourself in, immerse and eat lots.

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