The Alchemist Cookbook

The Alchemist Cookbook ★★★

Mental health during a breakdown is always a tricky one to get right in a film, especially a horror, but here it is dealt with delicately and well. An absolutely stellar performance by Ty Hickson as protagonist Sean is the absolute highlight here, Hickson conveys emotion with ease and allows the viewer to experience the lonely and haunting existence of Sean in a frighteningly close realistic manner.
The slow burn is eased by a fresh soundtrack featuring the likes of Esham and The Smoking Popes and the animal stars (a possum and cat). I am always in for any close relationship between man and cat and I could feel Sean's passion for his feline friend and fully relate to it.

I read that the director was influenced by THE EVIL DEAD and I can totally see that. Don't read that and expect to see a ton of Demon killing and quotable quips but the atmosphere and isolation is there, it just takes a different take which is refreshing.

The location is excellent and is easy to get lost in. Watching Sean work his rituals in the vast area of woodland is eerie yet peaceful. The cinematography works quietly yet efficiently here.

The film does have its lulls though and while I enjoyed its atmosphere and performance, I don't know ultimately how fulfilling it was. Still, its a showcase of many talents and I would not rule out visiting again in the future.

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