The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★

I did fancy going to the cinema to see this so when I found out it was being released for streaming, I felt I owed it to big screen horror to invest my already laid out cinema money to purchase this for a rent on the small screen. Takeaway and beer at the ready.

THE HUNT takes on THE HUNGER GAMES and mixes it with THE PURGE and HOSTEL to create a dark comedy with violence turned up high, characters stacked to the rim and some sticky ends for the masses. The film is certainly popcorn and audience worthy and it pushes fast and furious throughout its run time. It felt a bit stale in the last half due to the many ideas executed in the first but it kept being fun if not entirely memorable.

The standout memory from the movie is the performance of lead Betty Gilpin who seems to be the most obvious choice to play Lara Croft in any future TOMB RAIDER movie. Gilpin kicks serious ass.

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