Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

Easily Taika’s best film.

I read reviews that said his directing style was copying Wes Anderson, but I think that he was able to add humanity to Anderson’s colors that a film like moonrise kingdom was never able to do. It’s able to tackle disgusting periods in human history with a level of grace and levity that you can’t see replicated everywhere else. Truly one of the best of 2019, an already phenomenal year for movies. I’m not really sure if scarlet Johansson was worthy of an Oscar nomination; especially because she was also nominated for marriage story, but goddamn, she was able to move depressed 2019 Colin nearly to tears in ways that don’t exist anywhere else.

If you haven’t seen it please watch. We’re so blessed to live in a universe where A-list actors and the academy support unique efforts such as this :)

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