Blindspotting ★★★★½

More relevant and prevalent now than ever.

I just wanted to say a few words. I never like to talk "political", because I'm rarely the subject of the topics at the forefront, and I don't think that it is my place to say anything, for either lack of being educated on the subject or respect for the marginalized group to tell THEIR story, but I'm making an exception today.

To all my fellow white folks out there, if you're only making posts on social media about everything happening, that does not make you a part of the movement. I'm not encouraging people to go riot, because I've had friends in St. Louis participate in Ferguson, and I've seen how devastating it can be. I'm not saying if you go riot, that that's necessarily a bad thing either. What I am saying is that if you're white, this is not YOUR movement. I understand wanting to help, and you can do that in many ways, but I'm sick and tired of people who I know have had the whitest existence possible posting things on their IG story and claim that other people need to be educated, when they haven't set foot outside of suburbia or their bubble, and say well that's it. Social activism done for the day. No. That's not how that works. You don't get to feel satisfied with a post to your 500 followers when an entire race have invested their entire lives into this. There are so many ways you can get involved further from your home in this pandemic, petitions to sign, calls to make, emails to send, donations to make, that will genuinely contribute to the movement, and I strongly recommend doing that. And guess what? For white people, this will just be another blip on the radar that will eventually "fade away." For our sisters and brothers with melanin, this is a lifelong battle. Please, remember that. Do your diligence, and don't be ignorant.



P.S. can we talk about Hong Kong now?