Encanto ★★½

Oh, look! It's another critically acclaimed and clearly beloved film that nobody wants my hot take on... but I'm still gonna give it anyways.

Encanto is a part of the new Disney wave where they make mediocre films that they know will make a metric ton at the box office. Sure, it's passable as a competent blockbuster and tentpole film, but does it do anything original? Does it do anything innovative? Is there truly anything great about it? No. The music is cool, but it's written by Lin-Manuel, so it has to hold itself back with its annoyingly repetitive nature. The story is basic, and it's held back by the two main characters being low-key insufferable until the magic third act where they turn their whole personality around in five minutes. The animation is pretty good, but yeah, so is every other Disney movie. Not to mention they completely ruin the momentum of the third act in the last couple of minutes.

I know I sound like I hate Encanto, but I really don't. It's a fun family film that holds a good lesson about acceptance and self-love. It's just a shame that those movies are a dime a dozen, and with the premise that the movie is presented with, it could have been a whole lot more.