The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II

Not gonna give it a star rating because I feel like anything less than 5 stars would, I dunno, lead to me being marked for death or something.

I had never actually seen this all the way through in one sitting (I'd seen most of it in bits and pieces of the years). I think it's pretty good! And I know I'm supposed to view this as the second half of one continuous movie started by Godfather 1. And I don't mind when movies try to do the "this is actually one long movie broken into X parts" thing when those movies are still able to function on their own. Not say to this doesn't, but it really does lean on Godfather 1 in a way I kind of found distracting? I'd be curious to watch one of those Coppola edits where the De Niro stuff is cut into part 1.

This movie is pretty great! But the problem with having something be deemed as potentially the Greatest Movie Ever is that it's very easy to draw your attention to the things you don't like over the things you do.

De Niro can still get it.

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