West Side Story

West Side Story

A lot of this didn’t sit right with me but Rita Moreno singing Somewhere made me cry in the theater so it gets a thumbs up. 

Still dunno why Spielberg remade this other than because he could, and so much of the first 30 minutes feels like he’s daring us to compare this to the original and tell him which is better. Not that this makes this better or worse, just “different”. Not sure how I feel about how many of the scenes - the rumble, in particular- are desaturated to the point of feeling practically black and white. The scenes in Maria’s apartment and “America” are so vibrant and full of color by comparison that at times it felt like I was getting spectrum whiplash.

AE has all the energy of a glee cast reject. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie that was so excellently crafted across the board be bogged down by such a not-up-to snuff performance. Moving “Cool” to Act 1 almost kills this, as Faist (literally and figuratively) dances and sings circles around Tony. 

Mike Faist is incredible as Riff and we are owed some project where he plays Matthew Lillard’s son.

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