The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★½

The Hunt was nowhere near as controversial as I might have guessed going in. Sure, it pokes fun at both ends of the U.S. political spectrum, but the film consistently remains rooted in satire and social commentary rather than "shock humor" that insists a joke is funny just because it's offensive. So the movie generally works as a satirical comedy, but it is often very "on the nose" and isn't always as clever as it could be. Which is fine, I don't think that this movie was really striving to be some deeply thought provoking statement, it was just meant to poke a little fun at many aspects of where we are these days and it does that.

At times it feels like there could have been a little more effort with the writing, and some of the humor doesn't land as well as it could, but conversely there are moments where the movie is genuinely very funny and manages to pull off some effective satire. As a whole, I have to say it was a fun watch with some funny gags and entertaining action sequences. It's Betty Gilpin who really makes this movie, though, and her performance is just fantastic throughout. To be honest, she is what takes this fun and occasionally clever comedy and makes it something really memorable.

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