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  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


    I had just turned thirteen years old when I first saw this film during Christmas Break, 2001. To state that it was life-changing would be an understatement. But to also state how blind I was to Tolkien, how blind I was to the production of this film, how blind I was to the hype, how blind I was to "Fantasy" in general, would be an even grosser understatement. I knew next to nothing about Lord of the Rings. Zero. Some…

  • The Sixth Sense

    The Sixth Sense


    "Once there was a boy. Very different from all the other boys. He lived in the jungle and he could speak to the animals."

    You know what's good directing? Hard cutting from Cole shivering with fear in his makeshift fort after encountering the woman in the kitchen, to Tommy Tammisimo reciting the above line in the school play, and making that transition absolutely seamless. Those two scenes are in stark dichotomy with one another. They should not fit together. They…

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  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    You'll never find sunset photography sexier.

    You'll never find window blind shadows sexier.

    You'll never find soaring metal more phallic.

    You'll never find a unibrow more attractive.

    You'll never find the name Goose more appealing.

    Top Gun just brings sex to anything and everything.

  • Firestarter



    This is a film I would file under "true guilty pleasure" because I do feel guilty giving it a 4. I don't think on a technical level, on a plot level, on a story level, or on an emotional level, it deserves a 4. I don't even think the film is all that improved with a Tangerine Dream score, which is pretty unimpressive by their standards. But it does have George C. Scott, and I am admitting to my crippling…

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  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    A simple fact: action movies have been neutered, half-baked, half-written and served cold for children with Attention Deficit Disorder. Die Hard has aged into a lost art. It has a wholly original, unpredictable screenplay, crisp with sharp dialogue matched with badass line delivery through the mouths of believable human characters (This sentence alone cannot be attributed to a single modern action film). There is a tight plot that gradually escalates, accumulating ZERO gaps in logic equaling to not a single…

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    Plays like a Hitchcock film, if Hitchcock was possessed by a demonic incubus.