Bone Tomahawk ★★★★

For a good hour plus I kept debating what kind of western this was going to be. Then there is a scene of deep end plunging that takes things to another level and suddenly Bone Tomahawk was differentiating itself from almost every western made this century. You could swear you were transported to the 60s and seeing a lost spaghetti gem just with a knack for grisly detail only possible with modern tools. And I don't mean CGI tools. No, Bone Tomahawk so refreshingly calls back to practical prosthetic charms of yesteryear, and I was cheering and shrieking all in one breath. Seriously, I cannot off the top of my head recall another western that had my mouth agape at what I was being shown. The type of film that requires a rewatch to reassess the slow build up to its climax.

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