Boogie Nights ★★★★½

Boogie Nights is an American classic but Anderson was still honing his craft. He's young, he's coked up and he prays at the altars of Scorsese and Altman. He had to get the restlessness out of him. Develop his own groove within the framework of his idols level of storytelling, and this rise and fall saga came together perfectly in scope, character and setting. Magnolia would showcase the Altman influence more strongly and I think it's with Punch Drunk-Love that he truly inhabited an unparalleled directing style and then hit Mount Everest with There Will Be Blood.

Boogie Nights transports you to the 70s and 80s and you're living it. I get wrapped up in the lifestyle every time. Mark Wahlberg... what a bold choice for 1997.

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