Chinatown ★★★★★

I read somewhere about the recurring motif of eyes and how it reinforces the noir themes of not being able to see the world full circle.

"There's something black in the green part of your eye."
"It's a flaw in the iris."

She later dies from a gunshot through the eye. Eyeglasses also become a major piece of evidence. Noah Cross eats fish with the dead eyes staring back. "I hope you don't mind. I believe they should be served with the head." Gittes gets into his scuffle at the orchard and loses one lens to his sunglasses, mirroring his blindness to the situation.

The film is simply bursting with metaphors and clues and exquisite mystery and is just a feast for thine eyes in every which way, backwards and forwards. Jack is untouchable but there's a legitimate claim to be made that Bruce Glover is the coolest cucumber to have ever existed.

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