Heat ★★★★½

It will continue to age gracefully, especially in this modern action age we're in (It took till this viewing to realize how much Dark Knight truly steals).

I have to take off a half star though because of the last shot. There's a cathartic payoff their that does not connect with me. I love this movie for the systematic and methodical world building and the detailed lifestyles of high-stakes badasses and what it's like to fit into their shoes and witness their priorities along with the adrenaline around every corner. I ultimately cannot make the leap of faith as to what the last shot sums up for what these characters go through other than they are always one-step ahead of the game and understand each other that way. That's not enough for me to justify the end. Maybe someone can enlighten me? I didn't get a satisfying answer in the diner scene where they just spew the obvious about how they won't think twice when they see the heat. De Niro repeats himself here.

Still, I will not say it's "style over substance", because what the hell does that mean. The style IS the movie. It engulfs you and 3 hours flies by.

Also one of the greatest ensembles ever assembled. Literally over 20 noteworthy faces, some only with 3 minutes of screen time. Needed more Waingro.

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