My Soul to Take ★★★½

The type of film that shows the breakdown of narrative at a molecular level. Whether or not the film knows it may have discovered the nucleus to nonsense is beside the point. Intentions go out the window when you ask someone to process what's really going on with Craven's most lambasted work of art. While being the dictionary definition of a mess, it's delightfully messy, and one would hope Craven is delighting in it as well. He throws the rules of movie logic against the wall, producing a peculiar puddle of horror tropes. Enjoying My Soul to Take is about turning your head at a puddle of tropes that you've never seen perverted to this degree. If I had a shelf for enjoyable nonsense, this would sit proudly next to The Happening and Exorcist II and The Manitou among others. I might actually have to create this shelf.

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