Spider-Man ★★★★

Way campier than I remember it being. Funny how ten years of formulaic superhero movies have aged this tremendously. It's most noticeable in the acting. Most of it is bad. There are some bright spots by naturally good actors who are just force fed with some of the clunkiest, on the nose dialogue. The ONLY performances I found to fit naturally into comic book world as "real world" style were J.K. Simmons and Willem Dafoe.

Fortunately, the action is still bathed in very entertaining Raimisms. However poorly the special effects have aged, I still found the action beats to be inspired, exciting and original for it's time. I found them more fun this viewing than ever, actually. The 9/11 undertones actually nicely place the movie in a time capsule. Spider-Man was the perfect embodiment of a hero swiftly following 9/11. When Green Goblin first flies into the parade he looks and sounds like a plane slowly descending into a building. It's kind of scary looking.

There's obvious CG that doesn't bother me anymore and still a nice blend of practical effects. The brightest spots for me were Peter learning to use his powers and the awkwardness deriding from it. It is the heart of the movie for me. And those sequences are Citizen Kane compared to the deadly mediocre origin scenes in Amazing Spider-Man.

Also to it's advantage, it's briskly paced and tightly written. Peter is bitten within the first five minutes! It only falls flat in a lot of the line delivery.

Just to add some perspective, I have zero affiliation with the Spider-Man comics and am by no means a comic book person.