The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden ★★★★½

I feel like when you watch a Park Chan-wook film, he's leading you down a quiet corridor of deception and seduction with a luring finger and a crooked smile. Then there's a sudden turn down a darker corridor off of the brighter, nicer one. And then another one off of that one, though darker still, dank and colder. And another one and so on. Then suddenly we're taking a shortcut back to the first dark corridor, though now with a context of where we headed, and we're going to walk the same walk again with that context. That's The Handmaiden to me, a twisty con game of love and devotion, secrecy and lies, told through the movie magic of crisscrossing timelines and narratives, even languages, told by a master storyteller choosing when and how to implement the crisscrossing tool, and doing it in the most powerful and manipulative way that only "cinema" can pull off without feeling hackneyed.

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