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  • Heat



    People forget that Michael Mann writes as well as directs his own films. You've gotta put the writer/directors on a separate pedestal. They're like quarterbacks who are their own wide receivers and Heat is Mann throwing 12 touchdowns to himself.

  • Die Hard: With a Vengeance

    Die Hard: With a Vengeance


    Do yourself a favor and watch this after seeing Glass. You'll be reminded that Bruce and Sam are charismatic motherfuckers.

  • Glass



    I picture M. Night in a padded room stroking a DVD of Unbreakable and whispering, “My precious” softly to himself over and over again. Glass is so overly precious, so diseased with warts and gray hairs; but at the same time that is what I like about it. How messy and small and convoluted its plot and themes are. It’s classic post-Village M. Night, where he cannot escape the shadow of his own legacy and sinks into a black hole of Shayamalanitis. Maybe I’m just in an auteur-forgiveness mood, but I could have watched the pink room scene on a loop.

  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    Every single person in this movie is a top shelf movie presence, so getting to watch them dig into some pulpy melodrama, everyone looking movie star sexy, is time well spent in my book.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    Yeah, it's your dad's favorite cover band in movie form. A colorful pop-up book in motion, devoid of detail, swamped in cliche, but I can't say I hated the time spent. I mean, there's the Queen music, which, who doesn't love listening to it? And there's Rami Maleck, who looks uncanny. If this film is responsible for making a star out of the man whose face Freddie Quell threatened to fart in front of, then I'm all for it. With each passing year, the cast of The Master grows and grows with mythology and that simple pleasure is enough for me.

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding


    Just an interesting footnote:

    This film played for 52 weeks aka an entire year; longer than Titanic. It was released in April of 2002. It peaked at the box office in September. And I saw it in January 2003, after months of hoopla and "You gotta see it, you gotta see it" word of mouth. It was easily the longest initial-opening-to-me-seeing-it-in-theaters ratio of my life. It will never happen again and I sort of hold it as a badge of honor even though the film itself is entirely milquetoast to my sensibilities. It's an interesting artifact just in statistics alone.

  • The Grey

    The Grey


    Asked my brother what he thought of the film.

    Bro: "Bone-crunching. You felt everything."

    Me: "Peak Renaissance Neeson."

    Bro: "Nothing really beats Taken."

    Me: "We are not the same blood."

  • Split



    McAvoy All Day


    Joaquin being one signature away from this role is one of the great "what ifs" of the 2010s.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia


    The mirage shot is in the top five shots of all time.


    Who doesn't love movies?!

  • Captain Phillips

    Captain Phillips


    Catharsis: The Movie

  • Cast Away

    Cast Away


    "Go big or go home" is a mantra I imagine Zemeckis whispers to himself every night before bed when he's making a movie. He's incapable of subtlety. He is Spielberg on steroids. This isn't a bad thing, though I understand how it can be--and it is for me sometimes (let's just say I'm terrified to watch Forrest Gump after 15-something years). You're either all-in or all-out with certain Zemeckis. I saw Cast Away as a 12-year-old on the big screen…

  • The Old Man & the Gun

    The Old Man & the Gun


    1. 2018 was a great year for title font.

    2. The editing put a smile on my face. The film MOVES simply by the way it is cut together.

    3. Casey Affleck should only make late 70s/early 80s throwback films with long greasy hair and mustaches.

    4. Bobby Red going out in style with this one. What a winding, classy career.

    5. I was not the biggest Lowery fan prior to this. I am now a Lowery fan.