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  • Klaus



    absolutely adored the feel of the world and the ambition to blend traditional 2-D art style with the fluidity of 3-D animation.

    could do without the modern day needle drops but this should be solid holiday background noise for adults to tolerate while their kids laugh at what is possibly a peak-Schwartzman character.

    The supporting cast shines as well.

  • Rocketman



    an unabashedly flamboyant and shockingly (for its budget and size) honest, musical biopic that’s fearlessly lead by a phenomenal Taron Egerton.

    the whole “music loud, dialogue quiet” sound mixing got very irritating, but this was a blast the whole way through.

    the Saturday Night number was the showstopper for me.

    more musical biopics like this and the underrated Get On Up please!

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  • Waves



    like most, I am finding how to unpack how this movie made feel near impossible.

    all I know is I felt every second of it and I can't wait to get caught up in it all over again.

    despite the already perfect and lengthy list of music in this thing (and how it was eerily similar to my tastes during a very formative time and still today), it was 1 Deftones song away from me fucking transcending right into the screen.

    special shouts out to the god Trent Reznor as always, keep fuckin' shit up, King.

    A24's best year yet.

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    Finally some more greatness in 2018.

    Refreshing, funny and completely unique. The last act (and especially that last shot) will definitely decide for you if you like the movie or not.
    Thompson, Stanfield and Yeun shine.

    Spike Lee’s Brazil.