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This review may contain spoilers.

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Considered 'the greatest screenplay of all time', it's loosely based on the real California Water Wars. Boring for a millennial like me.

Spoiler Summary

LA 1930s: PI J.J. "Jake" Gittes is hired by Evelyn Mulwray to investigate her husband Hollis Mulwray, chief engineer for the Department of Water and Power.

Jake soon realizes this is not a routine infidelity case. Facts:
-Mr Mulwray raped Evelyn as a teen, giving birth to Katherine (Evenlyn's daughter & sister).
-Noah Cross, one of Mulwray's business partners, killed him in order to annex the Northwest Valley into the City of Los Angeles, then irrigate and develop it.
-Jake tries to help Evelyn & Katherine escape to Mexico, but after Evelyn shoots Mulwray in the arm they kill Evelyn.


"Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown."