Knight of Cups ★★★★½


In the tarot, the Knight of Cups represents a sensitive agent of the present. Represented here by Christian Bale, Rick is a man in the prime of his life and has all the tools needed to succeed but allows emotions or desires to create a feeling of inertia and existentialism inside of him. His quest of love, or feeling of being in love, overpowering his professional obligations.

These last few films that Terrance Mallick has been putting out are stunning and exceptional. In a way he is revolutionizing what a film can be.

The majority of people seem to hate the free-flowing stream of consciousness kind of narrative style but I for one absolutely adore it. The closest thing to pure visual/spiritual poetry I've ever seen. Although I prefer Song to Song and Tree of Life more, Knight of Cups is just as important in terms of the symbolism.

The Knight of Cups is about the hero's journey, the journey of the fool and the path of the tarot. The journey of spiritual evolution and knowing and understanding what this world really is and how to leave the darkness of the material to find the inner light of the spiritual.

Streamed this on Amazon Prime highly recommend it and Song to Song.

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