Submarine ★★★★★


I am blown away. Flabbergasted. In disbelief. Full of joy. Completely in love with this film Submarine.

Richard Ayoade's debut feature is not only the greatest coming of age story I've ever seen (sorry Lady Bird) but it has just earned a spot in my favorite films ever and a very special place in my heart. I relate to Oliver Tate on such a deep level.

At one point he stumbles across an encyclopedia entry on ultrasound and how it is used to find submerged objects underwater and how animals such as bats, dogs and dolphins can hear within the ultrasonic frequency. He then relates to how humans can't, how no one can truly know what anyone thinks or feels.

What's inside those around us that we care about and love? What goes unsaid and unspoken? Can subtleties in our habits and actions and attitude reveal how we really feel? Would they even go noticed? We're all traveling under the radar, undetected and no one can do anything about it. Oliver Tate's coming of age is to gain the power of empathy. This is what's at the heart of Submarine.

At times this feels almost like a French New Wave film. It's first 30 minutes are so loaded with style that every second seems fresh and innovative. Like the filmmakers were having the best time of their lives making this. The message is uplifting despite it's dark humor throughout. Also I've never really enjoyed the music of the Arctic Monkeys but Alex Turner's soundtrack here is incredible and every song is great.

I can't recommend this one high enough. I really hope Richard Ayoade gets to continue making films because I really enjoy his style. Truly one of my new all time favorites. I already want to see it again.