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  • God Told Me To

    God Told Me To


    I've seen the release cut on video a number of times, but this early version, titled WHISPER, is an even better version of the film, if missing a couple of things. There's just the one married print, quite red-faded, and Cohen implied it would never see the light of day or projector again. Which would be a shame, albeit understandable (it's temp-scored with all Bernard Herrmann with no rights).

  • Faust



    Just marked this as one I haven't seen before, even though I have, or rather, I've seen the US export print that has been the only extant version of the film for years. Seeing a restoration of the correct German version is a revelation that places it high among the great works of Murnau.

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  • River of Fundament

    River of Fundament


    I was dubious of Matthew Barney before ever seeing his work, I was dubious of Matthew Barney while seeing most of his previous work, I have been dubious of Matthew Barney even while thinking the work I'd seen was mostly brilliant after seeing it. I am not dubious anymore - he is a real filmmaker and a true visionary. I sat in awe for most of the five hours and 20 minutes of this incredible 3-part film last night. There…

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Began the 25-year anniversary of the TWIN PEAKS cycle (when it took place, not when it aired) by watching this horribly sad movie on the date when the finale takes place. I saw this film twice on opening day 22 years ago, once with my girlfriend at 10.00 am, and an audience that was completely in the world of the film, and left shattered (my dear friend wouldn't touch me or look at me without fear and hate for an…