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  • Interstellar



    Terrific movie, and one of the best experiences I have ever had at the cinema (saw it in IMAX). It has stayed with me for days, and I unapologetically love it. I am fed up with reviews describing Interstellar as "over-ambitious"; what's wrong with a little ambition in a medium drowning in the same old stories? The story is mind-bendingly far-fetched, and all the better for it in my opinion. It isn't a perfect film, I agree, but it sure…

  • Drive


    I finally watched Drive in January. Whilst I enjoyed it, I didn't feel it lived up to all the hype. Yeah, that old problem. Still, it certainly has a style and pace all of its own.

    Anyway, I decided to watch it again on a plane the other day. And, Bang! Watching this film a second time allowed me to put my initial impressions to one side and just wallow in it, knowing it is (at times) somewhat slow, full…

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  • Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

    Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

    A film I've watched hundreds of times. Finney is Arthur Seaton, a rogue working at the Raleigh bicycle factory in Nottingham. He made his career off the back of this film, and quite right too. The direction is superb, the soundtrack wonderful, the cast (mostly) excellent. This is Nottingham in the sixties as my Dad describes it: hard work to earn weekends at play, but with occasional consequences. One of the best British kitchen sink movies ever made. I absolutely love it.

  • Heima


    One of the most heartbreakingly beautiful music documentaries ever made, about the most heartbreakingly beautiful music ever made. Iceland never looked so stunning, and it finally has it's soundtrack.