Drive ★★★★

I finally watched Drive in January. Whilst I enjoyed it, I didn't feel it lived up to all the hype. Yeah, that old problem. Still, it certainly has a style and pace all of its own.

Anyway, I decided to watch it again on a plane the other day. And, Bang! Watching this film a second time allowed me to put my initial impressions to one side and just wallow in it, knowing it is (at times) somewhat slow, full of brooding pauses, and a relatively straightforward tale.

Throughout the second viewing, all the subtleties I'd missed seemed to appear. The delicate details of the romance (the hands on the gearstick, things like that) seemed stronger, more meaningful. I loved the soundtrack on first viewing, but second time around I recognised how those tracks cement the action and describe the characters. I realised just how incredible the supporting performances are (notably Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks, and Albert Brooks). I loved the carefully constructed scene in the lift and the slow motion treatment - a scene that lingers long in the memory.

So, if this film didn't quite do it for you first time around, watch it again. It isn't perfect by a long shot, but I realise now just how finely crafted and well paced it is. So much so that I've ordered it on DVD and want to watch it a third time. Class, all round.