2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

This turned into a conversation with my partner about an obstinately obtuse presentation; and how one bridges the chasms Kubrick excavates; to gain enough interest to return to the movie, to benefit from its many hidden gifts. Initially it's a staccato tempo and you need to anticipate it's beats; to get to its groove.

It's the HAL sequence that locks onto the imagination and remaps your brain; to accept a new film-form. The space silence counterpoints the music and noises of the rest of 2001; glorious cacophony and waltz. The original angles; ways to photograph in an environment where "up" is moving under your feet; the pristine super whites; glowing on dense black. This is how cinema is defined as a set of images in my mind. The story of the poor little pooter that could; struggling with his "be human" programming against a new reality of alienness that only he knows about. It's a section that acts as a gateway to the movie's other riches which are like a set of nested levels that you progress through.

Kubrick tugs on the handle of the door you are trying to open; trying to keep it shut from the other side. HAL makes you return time and again until Kubrick decides you've seen it enough to go on to the next level.