Wild at Heart ★★★½

The title is the film; except that the seedy underbelly of society of Blue Velvet; just take that alley in the rough side of town, you'll find a club there; you may not want to find it, has ruptured to engulf the entire world. Knife fights in the lobby of a grand hall; gatherings of weird tribes outside motels; the Warriors appearing to roust a passerby in the middle of the street. Sailor grabs the mic to sing Elvis in the middle of a speed metal gig. The couple are still larger than life in an exploded world and this is their 18 carat love affair. This is a bloody mess in the anatomical sense and whilst other of Lynchs joints are masterpieces and this isn't; I feel this one is closer to my heart. It takes a simpler premise, a criminal life and having dissected it, spreads out its biological contents and pins them to a board for closer examination. The somersault dismount from his pink caddie is one example of Nic Cage in his finest moment; a burning love.

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