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This review may contain spoilers.

I think I loved this? It's the most paper-thin of barely existing metaphors, but is still crushingly relevant for today. And totally true. We are all run by a rich (alien?) elite who crush us into conformity. It's amazing. So let's talk about the film for a bit.

1. Roddy Piper tries on sunglasses, sees the monsters and immediately, without a second though, goes on a massive killing spree. It's strange these days to see cops get mowed down, even if they are bad guys (and not human), but considering the metaphor, it's indicting the police as being the footsoldiers of a crooked kleptocracy. Cool.

2. How unperturbed is Holly at all times? When kidnapped, she's ice cold before smashing Piper straight through a window and down the hill. Didn't even follow up on it, when she sees him later she's like "I thought I killed you".

3. Piper wants Keith David to try on sunglasses, so they have a brutal fistfight for what feels like about 45 minutes. This is how they bulked out the short story. Just punching.

4. And the very last scene, it's like they realised it was the 1980s and they were making a movie that they hadn't put any boobs in up to that point, so just chuck 'em on screen at the very end for a joke. Love it.