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  • 24 Frames

    24 Frames


    He was always one step ahead.

  • The Swimmer

    The Swimmer


    That rare movie that isn't especially well made -- not particularly well staged or shot, you can easily spot re-shoots and editorial choices covering for on-set errors -- but haunts you nonetheless.

    I actually prefer this to the lauded Cheever short story, mostly because Burt is so goddamn majestic. Noble and splendid.

    Less a deconstruction of the American dream than a poisoned gin and tonic that slowly seeps into its heart.

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  • Cameraperson



    Sometimes lyrical, sometimes humanist, sometimes pedestrian, sometimes show-offy. I can't say it comes to a unity for me, but it's never boring and--I imagine--provokes more thought than the docs whose footage it is drawn from.

  • The Beguiled

    The Beguiled


    An oddly safe execution of material with explosive potential. It isn't a failure of execution so much as a curious absence of daring.

    Also, a film set in the bellum-era Confederacy that elides race in a quick burst of early exposition is on somewhat shaky ground. Better, I think, to either set the chamber piece in a different era (as it easily could be) or take the subject head on, by retaining the black and biracial characters from the original--and/or perhaps casting McBurney as a black soldier.

    Still, admirably crafted: staging, photography, production design, and performances are all solid. Coppola's best work is ahead of her.