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  • Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Pacific Rim: Uprising


    Mighty nice of SyFy to release their new pilot to theaters!

  • Unsane



    Soderbergh wisely refuses to freight this with anything that might get in the way of a good snake pit movie but don't worry, there's still some good stuff about capitalism, health care, trauma and abuse, and multiple forms of consent (pun intended, you'll see). I'm not convinced the iPhone looks as good as he thinks it does, though, and the ending is sort of a dud.

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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    Reminds you of what this sort of thing can be with an actual director behind it instead of merely a gang of well-meaning producers. Johnson deploys a few basic narrative and visual tricks that haven't really popped up in a STAR WARS film before, along with his usual precise frames and tight technical craft, and a particular attention to emotional continuity. There's also a welcome preoccupation with collateral damage, both physical and psychic. One thing Johnson's films have never really…

  • Trainwreck



    I believe it was Howard Hawks who said "A good movie is a handful of reasonably funny scenes and like eight garbage improv-y momentum-killing ones, and a bunch of cameos, whatever, I don't know."