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  • Property Is No Longer a Theft

    Property Is No Longer a Theft


    Petri's stylistic tricks are as usual a tad on the nose, but this is probably the sharpest of his satires of power imbalance after INVESTIGATION OF A CITIZEN, a deeply pessimistic thing positing a symbiotic relationship between thief and victim.

  • Witchtrap



    One of those "Now this is happening" movies, careening through a nonsensical series of kills and cliches at near lightspeed. A little bit POLTERGEIST, a little bit PRINCE OF DARKNESS, and a lot stupid. One of Linnea Quigley's best death scenes too.

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  • Trainwreck



    I believe it was Howard Hawks who said "A good movie is a handful of reasonably funny scenes and like eight garbage improv-y momentum-killing ones, and a bunch of cameos, whatever, I don't know."

  • Logan



    Last gun in the valley.

    Best one of these in a really long time. You'd think it'd get old the 267th time those claws go through a dude's face, doesn't.