Gemini Man

Gemini Man ★★★½

Such a strange thing. Lee executes this downright generic premise and truly dreadful screenplay (this took a couple decades to write but did anyone actually ever read it? The dialogue is especially reprehensible.) with his characteristic patient attention to psychology and character, making room for moments of emotional sincerity that any other filmmaker would jettison out of hand, especially considering a lot of it comes from a fully CGI Will Smith. As far as that illusion goes, while never completely seamless, at its best it's astonishingly close even if at its worst it's downright terrible. And his action is some of the cleanest in years, not the blistering speed and economical cutting of the JOHN WICKs (to which I've already seen it unfavorably compared) but these graceful longer takes with his camera moving around the action as it plays out. It's almost...stately? If indeed you can say that about a guy throwing motorcycles at his clone. In the hands of any other filmmaker this would probably be garbage, but instead it's this fascinating curio that's somehow amplified by the erratic tech showcase.

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