My Lucky Stars ★★★

i'm equally sympathetic to those who say a film like this would be better if they stuck to the fighting and ditched all the lame jokes and people who claim HK comedy requires a subtle shift in cultural perspective. imagine a massively popular western film franchise featuring a bunch of relatively unattractive men doing stuff like wearing matching costumes, devising scheme after scheme to catch a glimpse of a pretty lady's boobs, singing silly songs, scrambling to get to the toilet in time, making fun of foreigners, getting kicked in the balls, and falling over a lot. personally i find the energy level infectious, and often the physical humor is just as carefully choreographed as the action sequences for which i'm admittedly almost solely watching. maybe if Adam Sandler and Kevin James were also unparalleled martial artists and stuntmen, i might eagerly sit through a GROWN-UPS movie for the scene where Sandler for-real climbs a moving ferris wheel or a surprisingly-agile-for-a-fat-guy James has a knock-down Wing Chun fight with like David Spade or whoever.