Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion ★★★½

i have seen very little anime overall, and while i liked it very much at the time, i only ever watched "Neon Genesis Evangelion" once, more than a decade ago. so this was pretty well totally baffling. a lot of pausing for wikipedia checks helped me suss out some of the plot but i'm afraid i'll never get as much out of this as its many fans.

that said, it's just staggeringly lovely (even on the substandard DVD that's available), densely packed with unsettling and surreal imagery even while it's thrilling you with giant robots bisecting eachother and playing t-ball with VTOL attack gunships. the ruthless speed and blunt impact of the animated action beats here, say, the way a truck abruptly explodes like it was a ruptured pocket of flame that suddenly burst from the inside creates a physical sensation that very few, if any, live action films can duplicate.