Richard Jewell ★★★½

Probably my favorite from the Late-Eastwood Heroism Project, mostly because instead of focusing on the trials of law enforcement or military service or even SULLY's simple grace under fire, this is just about a culture of unending cynicism and mistrust and anger. Everyone's looking to poke holes in Richard, everyone is convinced that he's too dumb, too fat, too fucking polite to be anything other than a shifty weirdo at best, a mass-murderer at worst. Plenty of material for both sides of the Clint divide to chew on here too, including a maybe-problematic portrayal of women, a self-interested and inherently deceptive media landscape, some hypocrisy re: law enforcement, and even the prominent placement of a few Confederate flags, but I submit to you that it's all of a piece given Eastwood's career-long infatuation with subtle gradations of virtue (or lack thereof). Also Paul Walter Hauser is very good here.

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