Showgirls ★★★★

"They don't wanna fuck a Penny…they wanna fuck a Hope."

Misunderstood even by some of its defenders as merely a satire of American greed and attendant dreams of stardom when its true target is the apparatus that sells those dreams to an endlessly returning audience of narcissistic suckers. All the more brilliant due to Verhoeven's staunch, heroic refusal to pander to good taste, not to mention the empathy he maintains for his lead character without ever letting her off the hook for her own culpability in the poisoned fantasy. That this movie continues to be "embraced" as unintentional camp (whether great camp -- and there's absolutely no reason this can't be that on top of everything else -- can ever really be an accident is another argument altogether) is only another example of Verhoeven exploiting peoples' ability to see whatever they need to.

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