Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★

Stoked that one of these is a rambunctious caper instead of an expository portentous dirge like ROGUE ONE (which incidentally has suffered with repeat viewings but that's neither here nor there). Sure, it feels kind of like one of those paperbacks you read in the 90's, but as such it bounces pretty quickly from setpiece to setpiece (despite a few too many narrative twists), and Howard is too much of a straightforward carpenter to really mess that up. And it's pretty consistently funny. Phoebe Waller-Bridgebot MVP.

But on the subject of unnecessary-but-fun, I'm really bored with the ways these insist on tying back to the main saga. There's a cameo in this that's just dire in my opinion, like the time in REVENGE OF THE SITH where you find out Yoda and Chewie used to be pals. Or lines like "I hear there's a gangster on Tatooine that blah blah." All that stuff just makes this big universe so much smaller. I mean I guess make a Young Han Solo movie if you have to, but have him already be Han Solo; this guy doesn't need an origin story, we don't need to see how everyone first met. Canon is boring. Please don't tell me how he got the last name Solo. Oops, you fucking did.

Oh and I think Glover is a little oversold here; he's doing a really good Billy Dee impersonation. Emilia Clarke might be the most boring actress currently famous.

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