The Glass Jungle ★★½

Only the great Joseph Merhi could make a film so overstuffed with absurdity feel so epically dull. The hero, a cab driver inexplicably recruited to chauffeur millions in ransom cash to a mad bomber/serial murderer (yes both), is the kind of soul so tortured that he has flashbacks to his inciting trauma during his nightmares about same. Also he's an ex-boxer and expert archer. And yet the majority of this film is taken up by scene after scene of our balding, doughy cabbie picking up fares while the vaguely Frank Stallone-ish theme ballad blares, or maybe he's watching Merhi's debut feature MAYHEM on cable. This is the type of sorta-novel mediocrity that carpet bombed video store shelves in the early/mid-80's, and if there's a limit to my appetite for this stuff I haven't yet encountered it.