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  • She Shoots Straight

    She Shoots Straight


    another 88 minute clothesline for Corey Yuen action sequences. keep 'em coming.

  • The Miracle Fighters

    The Miracle Fighters


    i liked it when the clown disguised as a big jar peed on that guy's face.

  • Hangfire



    HANGFIRE: Z-grade EXTREME PREJUDICE. totally awesome.

  • The 39 Steps

    The 39 Steps


    one of the only Hitchcocks i primarily enjoy for its humor (sue me, i often find Hitch's jokes positively ruinous). also i always felt bad for the nice Scottish lady who helps Donat...her husband looks like the type of guy to dispense the occasional beating.

  • Chimes at Midnight

    Chimes at Midnight


    first of what will likely be many viewings. in Shrewsbury alone you see influence on Kubrick, Boorman, Richard Lester.

  • China O'Brien

    China O'Brien


    CHINA O'BRIEN: clearly illustrates the difference between Western "chopsockie" & actual martial arts filmmaking.

  • Royal Warriors

    Royal Warriors


    ROYAL WARRIORS: unexpectedly pretty badass. lengthy, brutal fights with Michelle Yeoh hot in the 80s. killer synth score, ridiculous story.

  • Starting Over

    Starting Over


    deceptively light, self-critical comedy about divorcees in their 40s, so pretty much a relic. Jim Brooks' voice all over this.

  • Hard Eight

    Hard Eight


    there's already a real voice here, a richness of idiosyncracy, achy & showy, eager to impress. trying to pull his shit together.

  • Undefeatable



    best James Patterson novel never written. would be a perfect double feature with FEAR CITY.