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  • Deceived


    I was deceived into thinking this would be good, har har. Discussed on Episode 18 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • Aladdin


    A stunning new low for Guy Ritchie.

  • The Watcher

    The Watcher

  • Shaft


    "I can't have you walking around out there besmirching my name."

    Well you done fucked that right up. They turned this icon of black cinema into DADDY'S HOME, a sitcom with Shaft as a hilariously unwoke cartoon pussyhound. It's a disgrace.

  • Psycho IV: The Beginning

    Psycho IV: The Beginning

    AKA LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE. Discussed on Episode 10 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw

    Absolutely insufferable, a smugly tin-eared alleged satire about (at least in part) visual art that can't even muster a single distinctive image, a successful humorous irony, or even a discernible point of view.

  • Ben Is Back

    Ben Is Back

    Completely absurd, patently offensive, very likely the stupidest and most naively silly drug movie since REQUIEM FOR A DREAM.

  • Free Solo

    Free Solo

    The idea that the threat of certain death makes this a more impressive achievement than the version that's merely still wildly dangerous and difficult but survivable is egregious, just patently absurd. But at least he gets to use it as an excuse to be a total dick that gets lionized here. This guy's not a samurai, he's a stupid asshole.

  • Lords of Chaos

    Lords of Chaos

    This doesn't give a shit about black metal music, only in blandly sensationalizing a story about a couple of bad people who either did terrible things or encouraged them or both. Even if this tried to examine the art that they made or the reasons why they made it, which it doesn't, who cares? Fuck them and fuck this.

  • Rings


    just don't watch it

  • Alice Through the Looking Glass

    Alice Through the Looking Glass


  • Florence Foster Jenkins

    Florence Foster Jenkins

    I realize it's mostly been a steady but gradual dropoff for Frears but honestly just how did we get here?