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  • H.M.S. Defiant

    H.M.S. Defiant


    "I love how these people get around boats and water, and all of a sudden everything becomes fuckin' nautical! Astern! Avast, ye landlubbers! Man the bilge pumps! Pump your fuckin' ass!" -- Joe Pesci

  • Flic Story

    Flic Story


    I spent the entire movie doing lines from HEAT but in a shitty Maurice Chevalier French accent and laughing like an idiot.

  • Red Rock West

    Red Rock West


    Rather than gathering momentum this one just seems to run, very fast, in place, assembling the usual parts without actually doing too much with them. Hard to argue that this isn't doing its thing very well, I just wish it was doing a different thing. Discussed on Episode 17 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • Dogs




    They're bad dogs Brent

  • Lunar Cop

    Lunar Cop


    Makes Cirio Santiago MAD MAX knockoffs seem expensive and elaborate, and features some of the worst and therefore best miniature effects I've ever seen.

  • Good Boys

    Good Boys


    85 minutes of these little kids talking about dirty stuff and saying swears, I dunno, I ain't asking for too much.

  • Valkyrie



    Tom Cruise is so completely dedicated to his craft and showing the audience something they've never seen before that he actually went back in time to kill Hitler.

  • Last Train from Gun Hill

    Last Train from Gun Hill


    Probably wouldn't be unfavorably comparing this to GUNMAN'S WALK had I not seen that film so recently, but them's the breaks. Anyway still good.

  • Untraceable



    Might as well be a backdoor pilot for a CSI spinoff, in its way very tasty. Discussed on Episode 16 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • McQ



    In addition to a some great vintage Seattle location work this features Duke Wayne trying to haul his 65-year-old carcass in and out of a super sweet '73 Green Hornet Trans Am. At one point John Sturges cuts -- literally cutting to the chase -- cause it's taking so long.

  • Judgment Night

    Judgment Night


    Which of the following about this very amusing pop artifact is now its most problematic element?

    A) Jeremy Piven's hairline
    B) Its class politics
    C) Denis Leary
    D) Other

  • Satanis: The Devil's Mass

    Satanis: The Devil's Mass


    Nothing but respect for my Lion King.