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  • Trick Baby

    Trick Baby



  • Positive I.D.

    Positive I.D.


    An absolutely pitch-perfect and thorny examination of post-assault trauma, social stigma, depression, and ultimately vengeance and catharsis. This 35-year-old, slow-moving drama does everything PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN tries to do, but better.

  • Nobody



    2021 has its first certified facemelter.

  • Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror

    Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror


    A terrific work of criticism, never for a moment feeling remedial, and which goes far beyond the typical clip-reel enthusiasm of this type of thing to become a sort of collage, full of formal curlicues that allow the films under appraisal to talk to each other in real time. As essential a text as House of Psychotic Women, really formidable.

  • Jeremy



    Such nice kids.

  • Runaway Train

    Runaway Train


    "You're an animal!"
    "No, worse! Human. Human!"

  • Hanover Street

    Hanover Street


    Potentially Hyams' most overlooked movie, a wicked, characteristically sturdy combination of wartime romance, airborne combat, and spy picture all wrapped up with the pretense of a David Lean homage. Insane John Barry score, post-Han pre-Indy Harrison Ford getting it.

  • Stagecoach



    Shockingly good. Douglas' sure hand keeps this almost moment-to-moment remake constantly fresh by sheer dint of sturdy color-and-scope craft, aided and abetted by this murderer's row cast. Frankly I think Alex Cord out-Dukes the Duke as the Ringo Kid here. The script fleshes out some of the relationships between the characters -- perhaps unnecessarily, but never unproductively. And the surprisingly violent action sequences are just as good as the original, if not better and occasionally even more dynamic simply because of what was technically feasible a quarter century later.

  • Eddie Murphy Raw

    Eddie Murphy Raw


    Eddie. I would talk to you...about some of the things you do in your show.

  • The Russia House

    The Russia House


    The only Le Carré adaptation to really get and live in the boozy, melancholy hypnodrab vibe of his prose; old men in old clothes confronting the old ways. Also, my goodness, the vintage Soviet location work is devastatingly gorgeous.

  • Coming to America

    Coming to America


    "This is the place I was telling you about. It's real fucked up."

  • Great Day in the Morning

    Great Day in the Morning


    Bites off maybe a little more than is chewable with its surprising but hardly unwelcome framing of the Civil War as additionally a poisonous labor vs. capital conflict, but what a gorgeous Technicolor mouthful it is. Stack is simultaneously weirdly miscast as a drawling Machiavelli and spot on as a ruthlessly self-absorbed "apolitical" rich asshole.