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  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals

    Now, this is a strange thought, but the first scene from the manuscript was just... dull, idiotic, and way too pity. It brought to me that idea, when they say fiction has no limits, you can create your own world and be its master. But eventually, it was only a reason to deliver the tragic event.

    But after that, what we can see is a piece of art being delivered to us, how the scenes were carried and fused into…

  • Scarface


    When you watch a huge movie like Scarface... like a lot of those big movies we constantly hear about while watching other movies & TV shows through the years, naturally, it gets under people to watch them as soon as they can. But I hold on, waiting for the right time, the right mood.

    I'm not a fan of Al Pacino .. but man, he has it.

    It's funny to me, how the whole movie is moved by blood and violence,…

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  • Maborosi


    What does it mean, the new start? .. that whatever happened before doesn't matter? .. that the "new of us" will make whatever happened before less hurtful to our souls?

    Maborosi, didn't feel like a movie, didn't feel like it's much bigger than that... no, it felt like it's just life. With all its joyful moments, sadness, emptiness, silliness, and that we're just a small fragment on this earth. Maybe none of this true, but it really did feel like…

  • Early Summer

    Early Summer

    إنجذاب كامل من اللحظة الأولى، وانغماس غريب في كفن الإبتسامات وعجلة الصباح، بداية حيوية بالكامل ..

    الفيلم يميل لإعطاء الموسيقى في الخلفية مساحتها الخاصة لتعطي المشهد شعورًا جذابًا، فتتقلب بكل مره، وكل مره أجمل من سابقتها. فيقل حضورها ويزداد بحسب ماتمليه القصة وحكاية شخصياتنا.
    بعكس Late Spring ذو التركيز البسيط، ولكن بنفس الوجه البشوش لشخصية نيريكو. أجواء عائلية دافئة، وبتركيز أكبر على الجميع، وكيف يؤثرون ويتأثرون بخيارات غيرهم.
    من الملاحظات إن النصف الأول كان أقرب إلى اللقطات الثابتة المتكررة بكل…