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Movies are a passion and I love to watch them.

Favorite films

  • Amélie
  • Big Trouble in Little China
  • Real Genius
  • Day of the Dead

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  • Alien Nation

    Alien Nation

    I finally got the opportunity to see the movie. I saw the TV show before the movie. I love the creative of the aliens. I think this movie is a Sci-Fi Action film that minimally addresses immigration issues. If the movie were to be re-made, a focus on immigration would be very discussion worthy given the current social-political climate in the America.

  • Hello Again

    Hello Again


    It has been some years since I have seen Hello Again, and it rekindled my adoration for Shelly Long. I have no idea what she is doing these days. The last time I saw her acting was in a few movies she did and Cheers. I always loved the dynamic between her and Sam. I was was really sad when she left the show. I just didn't really like Kirsty Alley - too much of a shrew.

    Enough about Cheers,…